Valencia: Chapter 20

video link coming soon  

video link coming soon

2013, 6 min

Greg and I are proud to contribute to Michelle Tea's omnibus film based on her 2000 novel, Valencia. Headed by Michelle and producer/filmmaker Hilary Goldberg,  the project brings together twenty queer filmmakers who each contribute a 5-7 minute short based on a chapter from the book. Participating filmmakers include Cheryl Dunye,  Courtney Trouble, Silas Howard, Michelle Lawlor, Samuel Topiary, and Cary Cronenwett.

Our 6 minute video uses revoiced found footage and DIY visual effects to "cast" Angelina Jolie as Michelle, reusing footage from her many iconic crypto-dyke roles of the mid-1990s: Gia, Foxfire, Girl Interrupted, and even Hackers!

More info about the project on RADAR Productions website: Valencia: The Movie/s

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Selected Screenings
Castro Theater, June 2013 San Francisco, CA
Outfest Film Festival REDCAT, July 2013 Los Angeles, CA
Vancouver Film Festival Rio Theater, August 2013 Vancouver, BC Canada
Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, October 2013 Tampa, FL
Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, October 2013 Seattle, WA
Hamburg International Queer Film Festival, October 2013 Hamburg, Germany
Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival, October 2013 Milwaukee, WI
POLARI26, October 2013 Austin, TX - Jury Award for Best Experimental Feature
Berlin Porn Film Festival, October 2013 Berlin, Germany
Reeling: The Chicago LGBT Film Festival, November 2013 Chicago, IL
Olympia Film Festival, November 2013 Olympia, WA
MIX NYC, November 2013 New York, NY