Road Rash

2003, 6 minutes, Super 8 (video transfer)

Road Rash is a Super 8, bike vs, motorcycle, nerds vs. badasses showdown set in
a desolate, post-apocalyptic downtown Los Angeles. Starring Ely Shipley, Anna Sew Hoy, 
Danielle Motor, Jenny Shimizu, and Kelly Besser.

Transgiving, March 2005 Los Angeles
Outfest, July 2005 Los Angeles
LESGAICINEMAD, November 2005 Madrid, Spain
Fusion- LA Queer People of Color Festival, November 2005 Los Angeles, CA
Trannyfest, November 2005 San Francisco, CA
London Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, May 2006 London
Inside Out, May 2006 Toronto, Canada
Milano International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, June 2006 Milan, Italy
LESGAICINEMAD, July 2006 Asuncion, Paraguay
LESGAICINEMAD, September 2006 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hamburg Intl. Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, October 2006 Hamburg, Germany
Cineffable, Paris Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival, October 2006 Paris, France
International Women's Film Festival Dortmund, October 2006 Cologne, Germany
Queer City Cinema, November 2006 Regina, Saskatchewan
reelOUT Queer Film and Video Festival, January 2007 Kingston, Ontario
Mardi Gras Film Festival, February 2007 Sydney, Austrailia