ONE for all...


2012, 7 minutes, Digital Video

ONE for all... is about the tempestuous end of the partnership between eccentric, transgender philanthropist Reed Erickson and the seminal homophile organization ONE. The story focuses on the Milbank Estate, a historic Los Angeles mansion at the center of the conflict, and on the expansive but unrealized dreams that Erickson had for the future of queer activism.

The video was made especially for the event: Transactivations: Revealing Queer
Histories in the Archive
, ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archive, March 2012 Los Angeles, CA

In conjunction with Cruising the Archive, artists Heather Cassils, Zackary Drucker, Wu Tsang and Chris Vargas will present a series of live performances and video projects inspired by the collections at ONE Archives. These artists explore trans content in their multidisciplinary work and are interested in a discussion about LGBTQ archives and the “Ts” and “Qs” often missing from historical records. The performance will be followed by a discussion moderated by Dean Spade, assistant professor at the Seattle University School of Law." 

Transactivations: Queer Histories in the Archives, ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives
March 2012 Los Angeles, CA
INSTALL: WeHo, September 2012 Los Angeles, CA