Have You Ever Seen A Transsexual Before?

2010, 4 minutes, Digital Video

Have You Ever Seen A Transsexual Before? is both a document of a live performance in the alienating “real world” and a fantastical adventure into another world of queer likeness and identification. The first half of the video records a guerilla performance, and through repetition, becomes a declaration and a campaign for trans masculine visibility. When the campaign proves futile I enter a magical animated world where I observe and am greeted by colorful and flamboyant wildlife. 

Dedicated to friend Sam Lopes

Footnote 7- First Year MFA exhibition Worth Ryder Gallery, March 2010 Berkeley, CA
Pacific Film Archives May 2010 Berkeley, CA
MIX MÉXICO, Cinemark, June 2010 D.F., México
Vinokino Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, October 2010 Turku & Helsinki, Finland
Silver Future, March 2011 Berlin, Germany
Glitter Bar, March 2011 Hamburg, Germany
Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV), March 2011 Montréal, Canada
Radical Queer Semaine, March 2011 Montréal, Canada
Hybrid Narrative: Video Mediations of Self and the Imagined Self, Mac Arthur B Arthur gallery February 2012 Oakland, CA
- Review: "Hello, all but forgotten piece of 1970s feminist Earth Art, have you ever seen a transsexual before?” - Daily Serving
Boston Museum of Fine Arts, May 2012 Boston, MA
TOPOGRAPHIXX: Trans in the Landscape program, May 2012 BabelBabel - Biennial of Critical Housing - Rome, Italy
Response: "A Right To the City/ Trans In The Landscape" on Pretty Queer.com
TOPOGRAPHIXX: Trans in the Landscape program @ Bronx Academy of Art and Dance, June 2012 Bronx, NY
TOPOGRAPHIXX: Trans in the Landscape program @ La Mutinerie, October 2012 Paris, France