Falling In Love... with Chris and Greg

2008-2013, Digital Video (with Greg Youmans)

Falling in Love… with Chris and Greg is a comedic, web-based series drawn from the life and times of trans/cis couple Chris Vargas and Greg Youmans. The artists playfully address points of contention within queer communities by caricaturing and polarizing the conflicts that come up in their own relationship. 

Season One:
Episode 1: O Canada! (2008, 18 min)
Episode 2: Road Trip! TV Special (2008, 23 min)
A Special Election PSA (2008, 3 min)
Hair Breakdown Special (2009, 4 min)
Episode 3: Food! (2010, 26 min)
Oh La La! Paris Special (2010, 10 min)

Season Two:
Work of Art! Reality TV Special (2012, 14 min)
A Special Holiday Message (2012, 6 min)
Cheesecake & Memories series finale (2013, 20 min)

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